Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kisah yang lapuk..



For your information, the technician is still alive here!!

You may have realised ada perubahan di wajah blog ani.. atas sebab beserabut pikiranku meliat ketidakkemasan template yang lama atu hehehe... Kini dengan the real concept of a cake yang alum kana jangkau: Kek Tombolan Asam si Aur-Aur (Kalau kan mau tau kisah dari mana dapat nama nya, click the archives button or tanya si izan)..

Sesungguhnya yang satu ani bukan update. Tapi hanyalah satu kisah lama yang balum masuk dalam record book of the untouched. Its actually the photos when we spent our winter 2007 in France.

Satu advice lah ah yang aku kan bagi arah yang lain, jangan ke Paris or other european countries yang atas-atas atau yang sewaktu dengan nya time winter.. pasal kepisan jua kaja-kaja', menggigil-gigil kan mau balik hotel capat. Jawapannya, buang masa...

Apa-apa pun, Paris was fun with the girls + kee + ahem si Amal!

Bah, biar kamu menangis kerinduan.. hahah.. =P (atau, sebenar nya aku yang merindu~ =S) Seriously, kamu nda rindu kah? Hahaha soklan cepumas tu yoh.

Ampar bilangurang.

I leave you with this song. Ouch!

Merci. Peace. Sortie.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Promise is a promise.

We promised not to delete this blog even we have gone apart after we finish our degree. Of course we won't. However, there is no point that if we do not update it. So I better do. It's been six months UNTOUCHED now! Haha.. Thanks to Syamim and Amal for having it updated on the previous entries. Last was in April . Atleast you did. I guess this'll be a bit longer one since I totally have nothing to do. I have no reasons to not do one.

Hi, Assalamualaikum girls and boys.

I kept on forgetting that It's still Hari Raya. It's the 22nd of Syawal, if I'm not mistaken. So first of all, untuk mewakili the EX-Bramshaw girls, we'd like to say, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin to all muslimins and muslimahs, to our beloved One Kent Hill, Bruneian Students back when we were in Kent, also to those Malaysian friends over there. Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum!

So, it is our very first time to celebrate Hari Raya in Brunei after the uneventful (I might say) three years, which has been the dream of every one of us every time Syawal came, regardless of the fact that the three other girls are now back in England for their masters.. Atleast they got back there after 3 days of Syawal. It was such shameful that I was not there to send them off at the Airport on the 5th of October, that day. I shall thanks Amal and Sabri for the Hari Raya visit that very last night, tho. I shall also thank Sadrina for the very last minute visit at my house on 4th Oct. sampat lagi tu ya.. And Sorry to Limin, i couldn't go to the open house in Tutong. Also to others, I can't be able to make any visit for Raya. Ok that's about Raya.

Next, Syamim and Izan is back in Kent and Amal pursue the master in Exeter. While I have quite a different choice. I am pursuing my Part 2 in the other different world. Heh. =) I shall congratule them and other One Kent Hill for being able to get the scholarship for UK. Jul and Chip pun sama in Kent at the moment, Kash being in BBirmingham, Kee at the down south, Southampton, Kasdi, I guess having a work training/practical. Rina and Limin, and others, good luck for final year. Sorry, we did not have a proper get-gather after the graduation. Maybe you should had one. Atleast i met (ter) Syamim once, atu pun di MOE. Good that, I met Izan, Amal and Rina the other day for Iftar. The other guys.. si Jul ganya ku jumpa.. hehe yang lain nada.. Just few photos on our Congregation Day.

Now, I just want to say, keep up with whatever work/assignments you have, guys. Jasa bakti berperang2 dengan exams and coursework antara tani, hidup serumah together2 akan sentiasa di kenang. Fisabilillah!

There is a saying "New friends are easy to find, but old friends are harder to retain." No matter how, whatever happen, I will always remember and misses all of you.


Till next time. Update girls.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cows on steroids?

Hey, Its me again Syamim..hehe my housemates nada yg mengupdate so here I am. I came across this video last month I think. Meet the supercow. I dunno if anyone of you have came across this video, I was quite tekajut when I first watched this vidoe, rasa kan jadi vegetarian tarus hahaha over. I dont think I can be a 100% vegetarian, pasal think of all the food that I'll be sacrificing..hahaha unless all Quorn products are made available in brunei. But adakah? hahaha but then again, dimana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan..haha apakan..bah better stop now.

Warning: This video might be quite disturbing to some, that is to me at least! hahaha. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


The holiday is officially on! and most of us is going to have our exam exactly a month from now!hehehe We had the MBSOC Easter party 2 days ago at Parkwood..My last Easter party with the society =( but I had a blast. The theme of the party this time was 'High school cliques', last year's theme was Hawaiian and the year before was something to do with movie-movie hahaha..

1st Year Easter Party!

2nd Year Easter Party!

Final Year Easter Party!

Malaysian-Bruneian Society new baju!

Have a nice holiday! and good luck with the revision!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ayat-Ayat Cinta

I just remember that aku behutang post on ayat-ayat cinta arah c rabz hahaha. and yes rabz, I was finally able to watch the movie and it was a really good movie indeed. And rabz in case you are wondering, yes I cried my eyes out hahaha. Lambat bah aku kan meliat atu hehe.

Here is the trailer:

I think it is a good movie, it shows the other side of Islam especially today, di mana Islam often being associated by terrorism and intolerance by the western media. And I think this movie berjaya memperlihatkan that, orang-orang islam adalah orang yang mengamalakan tolerance, patient and sincerity. I THINK lah..hehe bah i better stop now before I ruin the movie and c rabz ckp aku serious hahahaha..Just go and watch it ok? and yea here is one of the soundtracks from the movie:

Bah, thats it for now. Need to go mandi but air tutup. Yes got alasan not to go to uni hehe..


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Media & Politics

Since blog kami behabuk tabal sudah I then decided to update our blog hehe. What i've been up to lately? nothing much just kerja and it is tons of them! maybe I should not have take the dissertation module but then again..suka ku jua hahahaha

I wanted to share something with you guys that I think is interesting. I did a presentation last two weeks on how media and the expert determine how we see the rest of the world. Then after my presentation, we were then discussing of whether the west is using their 'knowledge' on the middle east just to dominate the region. some would argued that yes, the west hanya mahu mendominate that region pasal oil and so forth. but the 'west' would then argued that, they just wanted to 'help' by spreading democracy and peace to the region, and so on.

and..when we were discussing pasal ani my seminar leader ingat sesuatu. He said the university he came from yang dari Brazil ada mengendalikan this research group about media and politics. what this group buat is basically see how the media affects the politics. and he remembered masa tu was masa september 11, di mana TV everywhere menyiarkan clip-clip from the incident dan macam2 lah..and His friend who was watching TV at that time ngam-ngam teliat a video yang disiarkan oleh CNN.. di mana ia meliatkan the Palestinians menari-nari gembira pasal US kana attack..then this friend of my seminar leader ckp macam ia pernah meliat this clip before..ia ingat pasal ada kanak-kanak dalam clip atu memakai baju brazil.. so kawan cigu ku ani curious so he went to the uni and cari dalam archive-archive. durang kali walaaa..ada clip atu..and the clip was actually taken 2-3 years before september 11 actually happened and that the Palestinians were actually dancing pasal ada bomb arah israel and obviously not because of september 11..

we can actually see from here like how the government can use the media to gain support from the public..and dengan cara yang tidak betul..dan ofcourse the public nda tau sal ani..and they would just believed this..so pengajaran nya sini..dun trust the media betul2..and one more thing CNN or BBC dan yang sewaktu dengannya akan menyiarkan cerita setampik saja.. so does al-jezzera dan yang sewaktu dengannya..

so again pengajaranya..there are actually three sides of a story..your side..the other side..and the truth..

i think this is the video..

hahaha boring? I know..ahaha bah goodluck with works everyone!

p.s: its me syamim btw hahaha i used izan's account sal mine nda dpt buka hehe.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Siapa Jejaka Ini?

Siapakah Jejaka Ini?

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